Agents could make group tour reservations if you have a travel agency license in Japan.
We wouldn't accept individual reservation by phone.
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富士山 吉田口 標高3400m 本八合目 富士山ホテル
予約センター TEL: 0555-22-0237
宿泊施設(7月1日から9月上旬) TEL: 0555-24-6512
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Stop Bullet Climbing!!close

"Bullet climbing" means leaving the 5th station in the evening and climbing up overnight without staying at a mountain hut.

Climbing overnight increases the risk of accidents and altitude sickness because of exhaustion.
In recent years, "Bullet climbers" have become a problem. "Bullet climbers" make a lot of noise and leave a lot of trash.
Currently, the local government has announced that this dangerous form of climbing should be stopped.
If you’d like to climb Mt. Fuji without staying in a mountain hut, we recommend climbing up from early morning.

Please make a safe climbing plan!

Mt. Fuji Yoshida Trail Huts Association and Honhachigoume Fujisan Hotel.